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The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit, a tall, lanky man wearing a black coat and top hat, is one of the most iconic characters from Alice in…

The White Rabbit, a tall, lanky man wearing a black coat and top hat, is one of the most iconic characters from Alice in Wonderland. Running through Wonderland streets late for his job as Queen of Hearts’ royal herald, he often finds himself being chased by either Caterpillar, Mad Hatter or even Alice herself (who uses her hand-made potion to reduce herself in size). Since Disney’s 1951 film Alice in Wonderland released in 1951, millions of children and adults alike have witnessed this iconic character.

In both comics and video games based on Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit serves as an indispensable guide to Alice. In RPG Alice Mare he was responsible for Alice returning home after being lost for days, leading her back through its woods. Kingdom Hearts’ Sora follows Sora Donald Duck Goofy into Queen’s palace while worrying that they will be late for work; their voice actors included Shigeru Ushiyama for Japanese version and Greg Eagleston in English version respectively. Likewise in Homer Simpsons game Homer encounters an unlikely white rabbit who calls Homer “potahto.” In one particular homer dream about entering an alternate reality where everything made of candy; so Homer encounters another White Rabbit who calls Homer “potahto”.

White Rabbit Candy is an international phenomenon and a household favorite among Chinese-born and raised Americans alike. Available worldwide, this delicious treat can be found everywhere from Asian American households to people born or raised in China itself. Available in various flavors with edible wrapping for melting in milk for an irresistibly creamy treat!

White Rabbit has long been seen as a symbol for drugs, such as Laudanum. Lewis Carroll wrote about Laudanum use in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass; perhaps he even enjoyed using marijuana himself!

White Rabbit candy aside, the White Rabbit has become an icon of pop culture as an iconic toy character referenced by movies and TV shows alike. The anthropomorphic animal has appeared in both animated and live-action films alike and his iconic coat and hat are often recreated by fashion designers. He’s even been the focus of numerous merchandise lines!

Though White Rabbit does not give its lead actress a writing credit, it still showcases her exceptional talent and showcases it effectively. While Wein’s direction may lack flair, its lack of creativity overpowers Bang’s many talents; nonetheless, this film should still be watched for any fan of this rising L.A. starlet.