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The Goonies (Movie Review)

The Goonies is an engagingly light-hearted tale about children and pirates, treasure and fun that stands the test of time. Although not one of…

The Goonies is an engagingly light-hearted tale about children and pirates, treasure and fun that stands the test of time. Although not one of the all-time best movies, The Goonies remains a classic that’s sure to please audiences from any generation – resembling Raiders of the Lost Ark with young stars Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and Ke Huy Quan among its ensemble cast.

The film takes place in Astoria, Oregon where four rambunctious children known as The Goonies gather for one last weekend before a property magnate decides to foreclose on their homes and convert them into a country club. As they explore their neighborhood in search of hidden treasure chests they also gain lessons in friendship, family loyalty and perseverance.

Director Richard Donner (Superman) and writer Chris Columbus (Home Alone, the first two Harry Potter films) do a fantastic job balancing action, adventure, and kid-friendly humor in this classic film. It moves like a juvenile version of Raiders of the Lost Ark; its characters–Mike Walsh as Brand, Mikey Walsh as Mikey, Chunk Mouth and Data are lovable young characters that audiences can easily identify with.

What makes The Goonies particularly charming is how the children show great concern for their families and a desire to assist in keeping their homes. They show sympathy towards the Fratelli family and defend Sloth even though his strange appearance initially scares them off. Finally, The Goonies protect their neighborhood from corrupt real estate developers while discovering an underground world beneath Astoria that makes living in Astoria more desirable than ever before.

This adventure fantasy features all manner of imaginative sights, from a full-sized pirate ship to a theme park-sized water slide and drawbridge. The soundtrack blends hard rock with old-time standards recorded at high volume; Dave Grusin’s score adds another level of excitement throughout.

At a time of superhero films and Disney franchise remakes, The Goonies stands out as an original cinematic experience for families. Packed full of thrilling moments and an incredible cast that is sure to entertain every age range, The Goonies stands as a memorable family film experience that won’t soon be forgotten!

Content Concerns:

The Goonies is an action adventure movie for families that contains some mature humor and violence. The S-word appears frequently, while God’s name is spoken aloud over forty times. Sexual innuendoes also exist and there’s some smoking before Chunk suspects two men of being drug dealers while Chunk discovers members of Fratelli family storing drugs at their house – Chunk believes these two may be drug dealers themselves! Eventually the Goonies succeed in protecting their home and neighborhood from greedy property developers until finally saving their home is secured.