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Ted (Movie Review)

Ted is the kind of guy who’s constantly seeking ways to help others. He has many friends and is highly esteemed in social media…

Ted is the kind of guy who’s constantly seeking ways to help others. He has many friends and is highly esteemed in social media circles. Ted brings this same positive, folksy leadership style onto the soccer field with his players and staff where he encourages teamwork, positive thinking and mistakes as an opportunity for growth – traits celebrated by Adam Grant as confident humility while Brene Brown applauds as courageous vulnerability; qualities essential in successful coaching!

Jason Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence created this comedy-drama television series which follows Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an out-of-place American football coach hired to manage a British soccer club by Rebecca Welton with the express purpose of disrupting her ex-husband’s favorite team AFC Richmond. However, Ted’s friendly, optimistic style proves popular with his squad members and proves invaluable as they attempt to rebuild themselves after they suffered through another defeat by Rebecca Welton’s rival team.

Ted’s approach was so successful in part due to his willingness to become fully immersed in the culture of his new team. He ate their food, spoke their language and even took them training in London sewers! Players responded well to his enthusiasm which demonstrated his genuine care for them – something Brene Brown advocated and which we all need to practice more often ourselves.

Ted stands out as an exceptional leader by not being afraid to express his honest opinions, which allows his players to trust him. Additionally, Ted encourages everyone on his team to be themselves and express themselves freely as part of what makes their team successful; his encouragement reminds us all that we all possess special talents which can be used to connect and inspire one another.

As for the AFC Richmond family, Keeley (Hannah Waddingham), their spoiled and wealthy teenage daughter; Edwin Akufo (Scott Van Pelt), an ESPN sportscaster competing with Rebecca for Rebecca’s attention; and Jamie Tartt (Nick Mohammed), an egotistical player are some of the other members. When Ted attempts to befriend some members he’s met with resistance–particularly Roy Kent (Dennis Haysbert). But Ted continues trying, even bringing shortbread treats!

AFC Richmond is an entertaining, captivating show that emphasizes the value of positive relationships while exploring themes like class differences and racism. What stands out about AFC Richmond most of all, though, is how every character feels like real people with unique stories to tell; something rare in television but achieved perfectly by Ted’s writers.