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Ted – Characters and Flaws

Ted is an eternal romantic who believes fate will lead him to meet his ideal match; consequently, he dates many women before meeting Robin….


Ted is an eternal romantic who believes fate will lead him to meet his ideal match; consequently, he dates many women before meeting Robin. Ted can often come off as childish or even childish at times; yet has an ironic sense of humor; working as domestic policy advisor on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign as domestic policy advisor was one of many accomplishments on Ted’s resume; amateur astronomer; knows sign language (despite avoiding public speaking); an attorney at law, amateur astronomer & sign language specialist among many others!

John has an ongoing running gag about sounding similar to Seth MacFarlane’s bespectacled patriarch of Family Guy, Ted Ruxpin. At one point in one scene he calls out Ted’s name which triggers Ted into attacking John and starting an epic fight scene!

Ted struggles in both his professional and personal lives during season 4. His relationship with Bilson, his boss and coworker at work, becomes uneasy due to her assigning tasks that Ted does not enjoy doing. Ted attempts to open his own design firm called Mosbius Designs but cannot attract clients. Furthermore, Ted finds it hard finding women whom he finds attractive enough for dating; hence keeping their relationships in the dark.

Ted has one of the more noticeable flaws in his character: an unwillingness to lie or exaggerate. For example, he once claimed that he hadn’t vomited since 1993 before later admitting this was untrue. Furthermore, Ted tends to correct everyone around him, struggling with understanding other people’s emotions.

Ted begins dating Victoria after meeting her at Stuart and Claudia’s wedding, yet is unable to express his true feelings due to being married himself and having a young daughter; therefore causing him to experience significant guilt over it all.

Ted suffers from low self-esteem, as evidenced by him taking pictures of himself wearing undergarment and calling them “skank shots.” Ted often displays this aspect of himself.

Through the course of the series, it becomes evident that Ted has undergone multiple facial reconstruction surgeries due to an accident and drunk driving incident, while also becoming partially blind in one eye, often forgetting names and becoming known by his friends as “Teddy Half-Eye”.

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