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Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert Bundy (Ted) was a notorious serial killer who committed numerous murders over time. His victims included both male and female members of…


Theodore Robert Bundy (Ted) was a notorious serial killer who committed numerous murders over time. His victims included both male and female members of society as well as coworkers; additionally he killed several children – including his own daughter Rose – without ever facing formal charges or convictions for his acts. Ted managed to remain free for over 27 years, before finally being arrested in 1983 and charged with several murders by authorities.

Ted was raised in Ohio as the youngest of three sons by hardworking parents who sold gifts and jewelry at flea markets. Following graduation, Ted worked as a computer systems administrator before transitioning to consultant before founding his own company. Following that he was elected to California’s Legislature where he earned a reputation as an effective advocate for consumers, families, seniors, women, children and those without voice; such as fighting to rein in Wall Street excesses, increase green building standards reform subprime mortgage industry reform protect against domestic violence reduce global warming etc.

TED is an international non-profit organization that organizes conferences open to the public for free. At these conferences, speakers from different fields – scientists, CEOs, designers, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and artists alike – present talks that focus on creativity and change. Furthermore, it hosts an online channel which features short talks from past TED events as well as content related to them.

Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks founded TED in 1984 with the intent of uniting technology, entertainment, and design. Their inaugural event took place in Monterey, California; its success resulted in expanding the roster of speakers to include scientists, philosophers, musicians, businesses, philanthropists, philanthropists, politicians and influential individuals such as scientists. Since then, this organization has expanded to offer conference series; TED Talks; The Audacious Project; global TEDx events.

In addition to its main conferences, TED hosts an annual event called TEDActive which serves as a live simulcast of its main conference with an emphasis on topics pertinent to society. Furthermore, TED Fellows is an award program which grants 20 people with tickets to attend its annual Conference and additional benefits; its purpose is to give exceptional thinkers and doers a platform through which to share their ideas with the world.

In 2005, TED began giving out the TED Prize – given annually to exceptional individuals whose wishes are large enough to change the world. Past recipients have included American inventor Robert Fischell, Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky and Irish singer Bono. Funding comes from conference attendance fees, corporate sponsorships, foundation support licensing fees book sales. Furthermore TED also hosts its own podcast series that are available via Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Google Play RadioPublic Castbox iHeartRadio etc.