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Starburst Expands Its Business and Adds New Flavors

People often think of Starburst as a fruit-flavored chewy candy, but many don’t realize its long history. Starburst first made its debut in the…


People often think of Starburst as a fruit-flavored chewy candy, but many don’t realize its long history. Starburst first made its debut in the United States during the 1960s under its original name Opal Fruits; today it is produced and distributed by The Wrigley Company owned by Mars (who also produce Skittles and Snickers among other products).

Starburst has been around for 63 years and remains an innovator. The candy comes in an assortment of flavours such as Tropical Punch, Sour Punch, FaveREDs Kiwi Banana Very Berry Original. Additionally, each flavour was inspired by something different such as movies (such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest).

Individual Starburst candies are individually wrapped in paper that corresponds with their flavor – for instance strawberry candies are wrapped in red paper while lemon ones in yellow paper. Once packaged in various ways – including classic rolls and bags with three to nine individually wrapped candies each – Starburst candy makes a delicious candy treat!

Not only has the company added new flavors, it has been expanding its operations as well. Most recently it hired an experienced Chief Financial Officer with more than two decades of leadership experience from companies like NetSuite and Palo Alto Networks; Alison Huselid as Senior Vice President of Product is an ideal addition to expand the product team; her extensive SaaS industry background includes working at Atlassian, Adobe and ThoughtSpot among many others.

Starburst Galaxy also introduces new data capabilities into its cloud offering, making data management and discovery in enterprise environments simpler and quicker than ever before. Now supporting Amazon S3 Object Storage catalogs as well as Lakehouse features such as clustering, caching, small file compaction, catalog syncing and catalog synchronization; additionally Hive tables as well as Lakehouse SQL query capabilities make working with and finding data much simpler.

Starburst has made significant advancements to improve its security. The company introduced native access control and compliance capabilities that enable users to define cluster and data source access down to table level, giving data producers control of who can access their data. Furthermore, Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta and Azure Active Directory now facilitate a safe user experience on Starburst’s platform.

Starburst also announced a private preview of Data Products that enable data consumers to create and share high-quality curated datasets quickly and easily. These capabilities streamline the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process while giving business users an easier path towards data analytics. These latest developments demonstrate Starburst’s dedication towards providing powerful and flexible infrastructures for data.