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Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants are a type of hallucination frequently experienced by those who consume excessive alcohol. The term is an euphemism for visions that result…

Pink Elephants are a type of hallucination frequently experienced by those who consume excessive alcohol. The term is an euphemism for visions that result from alcohol-induced hallucinosis or delirium tremens.

SWNS Safari operators were lucky enough to witness an elephant calf’s rare appearance at a watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, documented through video.

The light hue of this calf’s coat could be due to albinism, a recessive gene that prevents production of melanin by its body. Albino animals often suffer from poor eyesight that hinders foraging or hunting prey; additionally they lack camouflage that allows them to blend into their environment and hide from predators.

Pink Elephants may face numerous obstacles, yet they thrive in the wild. One study demonstrated this through mortality rates for albino elephants that exceeded that of dark-skinned counterparts due to disease, parasites and malnutrition; researchers believe these may contribute to their increased risk.

Albino elephants are not as prevalent, yet one baby was born this April with this rare skin pigmentation. Wildlife photographer Odette Joubert was delighted to see this pink elephant calf at her camp in Kruger National Park sipping from its first river drink!

“This momentous occasion marks a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me,” she exclaimed. “From the first sight, it became evident to me that this animal was special and unique.

The Pink Elephants song has made several appearances in movies and TV shows. Their song can be found parodied in Bob’s Burgers episode entitled “Art Crawl”, as well as South Park where they dispel any goblin-related hallucinations Barney is experiencing after drinking peyote-laced organic drink. Furthermore, Dumbo’s spell card in Disney game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom includes them, while they inspired Heffalumps dubbed “Pink Elephants Parade”.

An expert leadership expert once advised me that leaders need to identify Pink Elephants in their workplace and address them directly. Unfortunately, difficult or awkward issues can often be difficult for employees to discuss; thus creating an open communication culture so people feel comfortable discussing such matters is key for success.

Pink Elephants in an organization refer to issues which are too big or sensitive for management to deal with directly; examples may include corporate scandals, ethical dilemmas or issues related to race and religion. Successful leaders recognize such concerns while taking measures to understand them better before finding solutions for them.

No matter the source of an employee’s poor performance, an incident of racial bias at Starbucks, or employees opening millions of unauthorised accounts to meet aggressive sales goals – the key element here is for leaders to recognize these challenges, acknowledge and respond appropriately in order to create an inclusive and compassionate world.