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Jurassic Park (Movie Review)

Even though many may have grown up watching Jurassic Park, the truth is that it’s not really an enjoyable movie. Yes, its dinosaurs look…

Jurassic Park

Even though many may have grown up watching Jurassic Park, the truth is that it’s not really an enjoyable movie. Yes, its dinosaurs look fantastic and its special effects hold up fairly well today (perhaps because it was shot on 35mm instead of digital CGI); but beyond this initial attraction it quickly becomes fairly dull.

John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) invites his wealthy friends to his island facility on Lake Constance to view his cloned dinosaurs, including Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and two children named Lex and Tim. Upon touring their guests through Hammond’s facility he boasts that it has been transformed into an astounding jungle paradise that will soon open to the public; unfortunately it soon becomes evident that this promise was false.

Even after being promised protection from dangerous creatures, a tour group finds itself exposed. Their plane is destroyed by a Spinosaurus and they find themselves trapped on an island. Grant’s knowledge of dinosaurs comes to their aid when their plane crashes and they become trapped there; eventually Grant guides the group back home via an exciting series of encounters; in one scene a pack of vicious Velociraptors chase him across the jungle before finally being picked up by helicopter rescue.

But the danger is far from over; dinosaurs have broken free and now roam freely across the island. Meanwhile, an angry employee named Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) attempts to steal dinosaur embryos from command central by shutting down all security systems across the park including electric fences that contain their special containment area; unfortunately this releases even more hungry dinosaurs into their special area!

Chaos ensues after Hammond brings dinosaurs back to life; attempts at taming these ancient beasts only end in more death and destruction. Furthermore, when one of Hammond’s grandchildren are laid waste by an aggressive Dilophosaurus it becomes clear that these cloned creatures weren’t meant for this world.

Jurassic Park is one of those films that is sure to polarise opinion, yet I think it stands up well as an example of how exciting and entertaining films can still be completely ridiculous. Jeff Goldblum’s energy helps make this an unforgettable classic film and its climax, featuring a triumphant T-Rex giving its trademark roar, is truly unforgettable. If you have not seen it already, make time for this cinematic masterpiece; I guarantee it’ll alter the way that you view dinosaurs forever!