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Dragon Shrine in Magerold

The Dragon Shrine lies at the end of a peaceful street that leads into a walled-in gorge. Comprised of large stone buildings topped by…

Dragon Shrine

The Dragon Shrine lies at the end of a peaceful street that leads into a walled-in gorge. Comprised of large stone buildings topped by copper domes and decorated with an engraving depicting Balmythria from myth, this shrine serves as its designated resting spot for an artifact said to have come directly from her body: Horn of Balmythria.

The shrine is protected by a Drakekeeper and four Dragon Knights who act as guardians to the Ancient Dragon within. While their identities and true natures remain mysterious, their faces obscured by onyx helmets suggestive of once being human beings.

What adds more mystery to the Drakekeepers is their weapon texts which refer to them as ‘dragon sentries.’ This suggests they were assigned as judges of those entering their shrine, much like tower trials at Temple of Fire. Given their massive frames and similarity to Old Knights in terms of appearance and attack patterns this makes sense.

But if these ‘dragon sentries’ aren’t actually guardians of Ancient Dragon and egg, who is? Perhaps the shrine’s resident. Or it could be apostles from the Dragon Remnants Covenant; once human but now partially dragon-ified and offering hope to Undead people suffering.

At this shrine stands a Petrified Egg which can be returned to Magerold in exchange for the Dragon Scales of Transcendent. Dragonfang Villard, one of its strongest apostles, is responsible for protecting it.

Villard is not alone in seeking ways to break free from the Curse; Shanalotte too wishes for freedom from isolation by returning to her dragon form and comforting herself from feeling alone. But no one here understands her; not wyverns who want her to breed nor Dragon Remnants who wish for her to release herself of all humanity.

Even while sleeping Dragon Knights and Drakekeeper are resting, entering the shrine is still possible. By carefully avoiding Drakekeepers without aggravating them too much, players can sneak past all three without confrontation. There’s also Pharros’ Contraption behind the stairs which when activated allows players to pass through an illusionary wall to access another part of the sanctuary.

Upgrade the shrine to increase the rewards in the Dragon Shrine Chest, though only after receiving all six rewards. Upgrading also triggers a 24 hour timer on the Chest that must be bought within or they risk forfeiting all progress and wishes earned thus far. Players can earn Wishes through opening chests, tapping Fallen Stars or collecting Wish Sparks randomly from Prism Flowers and Fruit Trees.

Apart from these items, Dragon Shrine contains other collectibles and items of interest. Outside its grounds can be found a Soryu Torii that depicts two dragons ascending and descending, similar to Torii gates in Tokyo.