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Dragon Shrine in Fire Emblem Gaiden

The Dragon Shrine is an expansive sandstone castle set upon a rocky plateau covered with broken pillars, turrets and parapets, serving only as an…

The Dragon Shrine is an expansive sandstone castle set upon a rocky plateau covered with broken pillars, turrets and parapets, serving only as an experimental facility disguised as a house of worship for Aldia’s heretical plan for human draconification. Priestesses wear silver amulets infused with mimicry sorcery while Cleric’s Parmas enable Clerics to shower divine blessings upon their worshippers who might consider trading their humanity for stone immortality.

The Shrine also houses the Dragon Knights, soldiers of a cult of dragon-worshippers who guard the Ancient Dragon and its egg. Like their ancestor Dragonfang Villard, these strange men and women willing to sacrifice all for the chance at becoming immortal dragons; believing this to be the only way they can overcome First Sin and liberate humanity from Undeath forever.

So far, their efforts have proven less than successful. Their latest attempt was Shanalotte – an impure hybrid who combined elements from both species but lacked the soul necessary for true immortality. To increase the success of this experiment they built this shrine with worshipers likely to embrace their heretical ambitions and lure new members in as followers and worshipers.

The shrine is divided into three areas, each serving different functions. The first area contains a temple dedicated to Benzaiten, goddess of water and healing; followed by a massive natural cavern said to contain spring waters capable of revitalizing dead bodies; finally there is the Ancient Dragon Egg Chamber protected by Drakekeepers and Dragon Knights.

Dragon Shrine is the seventh map on Celica’s journey in Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, accessible only after she completes the Phoenix Shrine quest.

Heading directly to the shrine entrance should be your first step – this building sits atop a cliff that looks over the river, where a bonfire stands waiting to be lit as part of its ritual ceremony.

As soon as you enter the shrine, you’re met by four Drakekeepers; three will serve as guards and one as a gatekeeper, blocking your path towards the Ancient Dragon and its egg. Their weapon descriptions resemble Heiden Knights while their attacks suggest they might actually be golems created by Aldia to serve as gatekeepers and trials.

After defeating all of the Drakekeepers, you may continue your journey and reach the second floor of the shrine where there will be a large crypt containing dragon eggs. At the center of the crypt is a statue of Gozuryu, an enormous dragon who legend says laid his head near here when his time on Earth ended. According to folklore, his head extended up as far as where Ryuko-ji Temple now stands (where we will head next). The crypt is also home to two Chests of Wishes that increase in rewards with each level upgrade (level 2 upgrades offer four or five wishes!). A few steps away is a small shrine dedicated to dragons where you can exchange Decision Eggs for Gems.