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Danger High Voltage and Electrical Safety

If you enjoy punk rock and disco music, “Danger High Voltage” by Detroit band Electric Six may have become a classic; over 37 Million…

If you enjoy punk rock and disco music, “Danger High Voltage” by Detroit band Electric Six may have become a classic; over 37 Million YouTube views has cemented its status. The song boasts an unusual yet catchy rhythm while Dick Valentine (known by some as The Rock And Roll Indian) offers bizarre yet engaging lyrics – it’s no wonder this track became such a fan favourite!

What does this song really say about electricity and safety? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at key aspects of its lyrics relating to electrical safety.

As far as electric shock is concerned, current kills not voltage. While there may be truth to this statement, it’s also important to realize there are many other elements required for someone to experience an electric shock; not only must the current be at a certain level but there must also be resistance from something they are touching that offers resistance against it.

Situation is another key element of electric shock risk. For instance, touching an energized wire while wearing rubber gloves increases their likelihood of experiencing severe shock as insulation provides enough protection from current flow through to cause fatal shock. Utilization of insulated tools as well as inspection for holes, cuts, splices or textural changes on cables can help decrease this risk significantly.

Workers must receive proper training in how to safely use and handle electrical equipment, including high voltage devices. Training should include familiarizing workers with risks involved in working with high voltage equipment, safe work practices and how to recognize and report hazards. Furthermore, conducting an in-depth risk analysis prior to each work operation is key to ensure employee safety.

These factors should be kept in mind when creating a risk management plan for an electrical facility or workspace, and its assessment must be regularly revised in response to changes in procedures or practices. Displaying clear warning and danger signs is a surefire way to alert employees of potential workplace dangers, including vinyl material that provides weatherproof durability. ANSI offers several sizes and materials suitable for this purpose – these signs provide employees with valuable safety knowledge. Installing our safety signs couldn’t be simpler with their included hang holes or adhesive strips – visit City Electric Supply now and buy these safety signs – you won’t regret it! Plus, with bilingual designs available to further promote workplace safety!